Aishwarya Kumar, the passionate creative head behind the homegrown label “The Shop”. Strongly believes that the health or our planet in an increasing matter of concern.

Established in 1969. The Shop has been able create a legacy of creating the finest ensembles using traditional Indian textiles and craftsmanship.” Our passion lies in reviving craft communities by integrating contemporary design with the expert workmanship of traditional craft.

We offer an alternate to the mass produced. Low quality products that have saturated marketplaces. Our designs and ethos draw inspiration from hand crafted textile-an awakening of traditional art. An observance of Individuality and the realization of living I a sacred space,” she said.

With the earth’s environment under severe stress. Sustainability and social responsibility have become the core values for Kumar and her work. This socially canciones brand uses ecologically sustainable production techniques like solar heating. Rainwater harvesting. And treating all effluents produced by their production processes. “We make use of a natural gas boiler and use the to dry all our fabrics. Our renew projects of cushions.

Patchwork and bag collection have been designed by recycling leftover fabric scraps and are a commitment towards a more sustainable future.” Said Kumar. ARTICLE LINK


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