The Shop was started in 1969 by Delhi-based Preminder Singh and Kamal Singh, making it a family business. The Shop, which has three outlets in Delhi also has a store in Bengaluru, on State Bank of India roads, just off Museum Road.

The Shop turns 50 this year. To celebrate that milestone and as an ode to summer, there is a two-day sale, the MalMal Mela. Clothes, home linen, stoles, bags, dresses, and more will be displayed at this exhibition. “Our specialty is that the clothes are soft, smooth textured light and skin-friendly. They are perfect for the summer,” says Kabir.

The USP of The Shop is that it offers hand-crafted textiles and the company has also been involved for year “in reviving crafts by integrating contemporary ary design with the expert workmanship of traditional crafts”.

The Shop also reaches out to craftsmen across the country to “blend style and create something unique explain Aishwarya Kumar who takes care of the design aspect. Kabir adds the company has become “older, wiser and compassionate about products, crafts people and their needs. we also focus on sustainability and social responsibility since we believe in upcycling too.”

There will be summer dresses, nightwear, tops, trousers, men’s wear, bed linen, table linen, clothing, stoles, bags and more. The techniques used in their designs are dyeing, printing, quilting, applique, and hand and Machin embroidery to name a few.
Some of the techniques used in the fashioning of their product are screen printing, block printing surface embellishment, machine and hand embroidery, applique and patchwork. ARTICLE LINK


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