Lookbook Title

Lookbook 2023

The Lookbook 2023 is vibrant with new printsin the home section, featuring Garden, Banana, and Gamla designs. The clothingcollection showcases new colors like Madrid, tie-dye patterns, and Rococo silk.This lookbook will spoil you with its dazzling array of colors, prints, andvibrancy.

Lookbook 2024

The Lookbook 2024 focuses on shades of pastels and block prints, highlighting the inclusion of Ajrakh—natural dyed fabrics merged with European prints—and the much-anticipated Coffee Collection. This collection brings a fresh and elegant aesthetic to both home and clothing lines. 

Spring 2020

Spring 2020 marks 50 years of storytelling,showcasing a vast collection that includes anytime napkins, Greenhouse panelcurtains, Shibui ties, inspired stoles, and chic kitchen accessories such asaprons, oven mitts, and hot pads. 

Spring 2019

Spring 2019 celebrates Indian vintage printswith designs inspired by gardens, Victorian motifs, jungles, and pastel shades,capturing the essence of spring. Timeless prints like Malabar and Wildflower oncool-toned fabrics, along with chic kitchen supplements, make this collectionstand out.

Fall 2019

 The Fall 2019 home and clothing collection isthemed around sunset jungles, featuring both rustic and soothing prints.Highlights include inside-out reversible jackets, silk stoles, and everydaybags, all adorned with beautiful classic prints.

Fall 2018

The SS23 clothing collection is a vibrantarray of colors and prints in various styles. It revives classic prints likeSardinia, Kerala, Bird, and Ubud, integrating them into biophilic themes. 

Fall 2018

Our YouCare project is a conscious initiativethat transforms every last bit of stunning prints into beautiful products,respecting our craftspeople's efforts and our Earth. The YouCare range includesclothing, home accessories, kids' clothing, toys, malas, and hair clips.

Fall 2018

 The SS23 clothing collection is a vibrant array of colors and prints in various styles. It revives classic prints like Sardinia, Kerala, Bird, and Ubud, integrating them into biophilic themes.

Summer 18

The Summer 2018 lookbook is all about beachvibes, showcasing soothing white, blue, and oasis-themed collections for bothhome and clothing. The calming prints and colors are designed to beat thesummer heat. 

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Shop Spring 2015

Spring 2015 embraces classic and vintageprints with blocks, lines, patches, and stripes in the home collection. Theclothing line features organic stoles, vegetable-dyed Tussar silk and cottonsateen, solid whites, and all-season pastels..


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Spring 2013

Spring 2013 is dedicated to kids, offering arange of small, cute, and funky designs. The collection includes safaridresses, spaghetti dresses, Mira dresses, pleated dresses, and knit frilldresses, making it a delightful array of kids' clothing and accessories. 

Spring 2012

The Spring 2012 home collection is inspired bydiverse elements: Birds from Mughal miniatures, Lotus for its spiritual andaesthetic presence, Lily from European arts, Agra's Fish and Peacock adoptedfrom the Dhokra technique of bell metal casting, and Green as a commitment tosustainability, alongside classic prints.

Spring 2011

 Spring 2011 is a masterpiece of timeless and elegant prints, featuring Riviera, Flower Garden, Boutique Tiles, Carol, andCorsica on a range of home linens. This lookbook spoils you for choice with its colors, prints, and designs for home and clothing accessories.

Spring 2010

Spring 2010 focuses oncozy bed and table linen, cushions, and pillow covers featuring Samarkand,Garden, and Oslo prints. The collection also highlights vintage prints likeDahlia and Dorset, bringing elegance to women's clothing

Spring 2009

The Spring 2009 lookbook captures the essenceof the season with vibrant hues of Madrid brights, blues, whites, and pastelshades. Timeless prints such as Sardinia and Safari on cool-toned fabrics makethis collection stand out.

Spring 2008

The Spring 2008 lookbook is a visual treat,abundant with little kids' accessories and clothing in subtle spring shadessuch as Juniper, Aqua, Ruby, Medieval Blue, and Azure, visible in curtainpanels, table linens, and more. 

PARIS 2016

 The Spring 2016 lookbook is all about subtleand tropical colors and prints. It features beautiful shades such as MeadowAqua, Tropical Coral, and Kashmir Mustard. The collection's stars are thesolid, tie-dye patterns and pastel shades.

Spring 2016

The Paris 2016 lookbookfor Little HP is a bundle of joy, showcasing the kids' collection withbeautiful seasonal prints such as Merrily Red, Jungle Book, Boho Fête,Icelandic Retreat, and Thankfully Orange

Fall 2013

The Fall 2013 lookbook takes you through vintage British-style home linen with artistic prints such as Bird, Fargana, and Sherwood, in colors like amber, claret, and celadon. The classic Zanskar home collection is the highlight of this lookbook, alongside the subtle print of women's clothing.

Fall 2012

The Fall 2012 lookbook, designed specifically for trade shows like the Indian Handicrafts and Gift Fair, showcases versatilehome accessories and a women's clothing collection with fun and lovely stylessuch as Sarah, Michelle, Serena, Denise, and more.

Fall 2011

The Fall 2011 lookbook highlights beautiful round tablecloths with timeless prints such as Corsica, Hawaii, and Chelsea. It also includes colorful and lively cushion covers, table linen, curtains, and vintage women's and kids' clothing and nightwear.

Fall 2010

The Fall 2010 lookbook is a fun and funky introduction to products for trade shows such as the Indian Handicrafts andGift Fair. It features a collection of kimonos in printed cotton voile and brushed cotton, along with home linen in Sophia Scarlet, Cochin Indigo,Samarkand Fiesta, and more.

Fall 2009

The Fall 2009 lookbook draws inspiration fromage-old techniques and vibrant prints. It showcases the Samarkand print inspired by Central Asian Suzanis, the Garden print from Mughal miniaturepaintings, the Hyderabad print from antique vegetable-printed Calico textiles,and the Taj Patchwork with colorful silk patches inspired by the marble stonescreens of the Taj Mahal. The collection includes home items, bags, home linen,and loungewear.

Fall 2008

The Fall 2008 highlights green products featuring mostly patchwork in Tivoli or Fez design sand YouCare products crafted from leftover factory fabric. This includes a range of items such as floor cushions, bags, beautiful winter jackets,and exquisite home accessories